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Low lobido

Loss of libido is more common among men and women than many people think. The reason why individuals suffering from this condition may fall into the trap that many people suffering from the same condition do is that this is a personal issue that is not usually discussed openly.

This article looks at the causes of low libido in men and women and shows that this is a condition that can be is not only common but can be mitigated using several measures.

What is a loss of libido?

Giving an exact definition of what loss of libido is, is often a challenge because the condition could be different for each individual. However, it can generally be perceived as a loss of desire to have sex. While there is no level of sex drive that can be defined as normal, there are a few signs you need to watch out for if you may think you could be suffering from low sex drive. One of the most common signs is having a low sexual desire.

Even though there may be no universal agreement regarding what loss of libido means for everyone, it is generally agreed that low libido causes low sex drive; which can cause challenges in relationships. Speaking about low sexual desire, however, may be understood by some to imply that there is a normal sex drive. This is not the case at all as you will notice that this differs depending on individuals, their age, and things happening in your life at a particular time. However, there are still some signs that you need to look out for by getting to know the symptoms and causes of low libido [loss of libido].

Symptoms of low libido in men. When looking at symptoms of low sex drive, it is important to realize that these can be different between the sexes. However, if there seems to be tension in a relationship because one of the partners wants to have more sex than the other, this is an indication that one of the two is falling outside what could be viewed as the norm. In women, some of the signs that you may be having low sex drive include not having interest in sex at all. 

This includes all types, including masturbation. If you also never or seldom engage in any sexual fantasies, you may be a victim. What this usually culminates in is a situation where you start to feel anxious about the absence of sexual fantasies and activity in your life. There are a number of signs of low libido in men. When you start to have no interest in sex at all accompanied by erectile dysfunction, you may be a victim. Another common sign is having trouble getting an orgasm and this is usually accompanied by feeling numb in the penis so that being touched there does not stimulate you.
Causes of low libido

Notwithstanding the fact that many people look for medical reasons for low libido in men and women, the truth is that this is a condition more complicated than that. Hence, looking for a solution to this problem needs to start with knowing the causes. If you have an idea of what causes the problem, it is most likely that you can take measures to alleviate it. If you believe that you may be suffering from loss of libido one of the areas you need to start looking at is your relationship. The causes could range from being too familiar with your partner to arguments that are unresolved, and a dearth of trust.

Other causes are more medical in nature and can include depression, pregnancy, and certain types of medication, diabetes, heart disease, and cancer among others. It has also been noted that drinking large amounts of alcohol and taking drugs can also be a major cause of low libido. This is the reason why it is advised that you should avoid drinking more than 14 units of alcohol in a single week.
How to increase libido in men and women

When it comes to how to treat libido in men, the most important place to start is understanding the cause. In certain cases, changing your lifestyle through such methods as improving your diet, exercising on a regular basis, reducing stress and getting enough sleep may be all you need. However, if the issues are medical in nature, you may want to consider counseling, increasing your levels of testosterone or visiting a doctor. With regards to how to increase libido in women, you may also want to look at specific issues such as whether you are taking contraceptive medication, issues linked to depression and stress. Also, communicating effectively with your partner and resolving any outstanding issues together with building trust can improve things substantially.


Whatever the cause of low libido in your life is, the condition can be treated using both medication and natural means.

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